Insulation Services

Insulation Removal and Installation

Tims Hauling Now now provides blown-in attic insulation services in Des Moines and the surrounding areas. We understand the importance of effective attic insulation. In Iowa, proper attic insulation is an essential part of controlling your heating and cooling costs. Our insulation services can pay for themselves by substantially lowering your electricity and gas costs. Qualify for tax rebates for increasing the energy efficiency of you home today!

We are your one-stop-shop for re-insulating your attic or crawl spaces. By teaming up our hauling services with our insulation services we can provide insulation removal along with our insulation installation services.


Cellulose Insulation

Our blow in insulation services use cellulose. Cellulose blown in insulation is made from recycled newsprint and recycled paper, cellulose is treated with nontoxic fire retardants. This insulation is a tried and true method of insulation homes for decades providing high R-values per inch, excellent sound insulating, and environmental safe properties.

Removing old insulation can be very dirty process. Let our professional staff take care of all your attic insulation removal needs.


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