Demolition Services

Even small-scale construction demolition jobs are more complicated than they appear. If you want to ensure that your commercial and home demolition needs are completed in a time efficient, safe manner, make the smart move, and choose professional demolition services from Tims Hauling Now and Demolition. While providing interior demolition as well as exterior demolition, Tims Hauling Now is unlike other demolition companies. Our team will leave no evidence of your old structure behind.

From knocking down sheds:


To picking up scraps of wood and nails, we believe in providing our customers with complete demolition service at a competitive price from initial demo to junk hauling and disposal services. Although it might seem simple to take a sledgehammer to an unwanted structure, many people do not realize that there is a correct and an incorrect way to perform construction demolition. One wrong move could result in the uncontrolled collapse of the structure, which is not only a serious safety risk but can also complicate the cleanup process, damage surrounding property, and make the entire demolition take longer to complete. Only a professional demolition service will know how to properly assess your structure and determine the most effective approach to demolition service.

At Tims Hauling Now and Demolition, our demolition services are great for :

Homeowners    Office Spaces    Remodeling

Sheds               Car ports            Hot tubs

Fencing            Decks                  Porches

Patios               Small barns        Garages

Call today to talk to one of our demolition team members about your demolition needs.

Fire Damage Restoration & Water Damage Restoration

In addition we offer Demolition services for Fire Damage Restoration or Water Damage Restoration projects. Our team members understand disasters like these can displace and have an overwhelming impact on families and their budget.

With our dedicated team of Demolition Professionals and Large trucks, we can have a positive impact on these displacements, reducing the negative impact, aiding in the disaster recovery. We are available to provide commercial and home demolition services throughout the Des Moines Iowa and surrounding communities.

Professional Construction Demolition

Professional construction demolition is a great investment that can have long-term, positive effects for you and everyone who visits your property. Just some of the benefits of our demolition services include: Removal of dangerous structures Compliance with local building and zoning codes (and avoidance of fines) Improved appearance Potential property value increase Other demolition companies can’t beat our dedication to our customers, which is evident in our honest and reasonable prices, our commitment to excellence, and our willingness to go the extra mile to help you achieve your vision. We are even available to provide 24 hour emergency services to attend to urgent needs. Whether you’re trying to recover from a disaster, making drastic changes to your property, or you are just interested in a single construction demolition, you can expect prompt arrival, expert service from the demolition team at Tims Hauling Now and Demolition. Contact us today via phone at: (515) 494-7118 or e-mail us to receive your free no-obligation estimate with an upfront price on our demolition services.

Tims Hauling Now and Demolition is a fully insured company backed with workman’s compensation “Giving you peace of mind.”


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